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Please join us by supporting our upcoming season. As a contributor you will be making an investment in bringing first-class Broadway musicals to Santa Cruz County.


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All ushers must sign up for at least 4 spots BY JUNE 17, 2019 to guarantee a spot!

Starting with the Summer 2017 Cabrillo Stage Season, we are ushering in (PUN intended!) a new system of managing Cabrillo Stage ushers (now known officially as “Comped Guest Ushers”).

The new system…

  • Streamlines the process of volunteering to usher through the use of a new and much more user friendly online system: signupcom. No passwords are needed. You will receive email confirmations of the dates for which you volunteered, email reminders just prior to the dates for which you volunteered, and you can update the performances for which you’ve volunteered without ever having to call in, leave messages, wonder if anyone received your message, etc.  You can even request date swaps with others in the usher pool and add your volunteer dates automatically to your own e-calendar with a simple click!

  • Eliminates the need entirely for the completion of any paperwork (volunteer forms, criminal background inquiries, providing your social security number, etc). Simply provide your basic contact information when you go online to choose the performances you wish to usher, and that’s it!
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IMPORTANT: You must sign up to usher a minimum of at least four performances this season NO LATER THAN JUNE 17, by clicking HERE.   You can watch this short video: How to Sign-up on VolunteerSpot that shows you the highlights of how the system works.

Some pointers about the new system:

  1. Select “View calendar or jump to any date” to see all shows in a typical calendar format. Highly recommended.
  2. Blue = Available

Green = Assignments for which you’ve volunteered
Gray = Fully staffed events (no spots available)

  1. Use “+” or “-“ to add/remove yourself from a spot
  1. Use “swap” icon to swap dates with others

More details about the system and requirements for ushering for Cabrillo College:

  1. Ushers will report promptly at 60 minutes prior to start of show (30 minutes prior to opening of doors) to receive their special instructions/training from the House Manager. Ushers who are tardy or depart before the end of their assignment will be dropped from the usher pool.
  2. Ushers  who cannot serve for a performance for which they’ve previously signed up online must update their status on volunteerspot.com immediately and attempt to swap their dates online with someone else (swap notices will be automatically emailed out about the swap request, and confirmations automatically returned when a swap is accepted/confirmed). There will be no more phoning in or leaving messages. Everything will be handled through Signup.com.  
  3. Ushers must be 18 years of age or older and possess a driver’s license/ID card for age verification.  Ushers must be able to climb multiple stairs and lift a minimum of 15 pounds.
  4. Proper attire for ushers includes:  non-slip shoes appropriate for climbing stairs (no heels, ladies), and a white top and black bottoms.
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