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Please join us by supporting our upcoming season. As a contributor you will be making an investment in bringing first-class Broadway musicals to Santa Cruz County.


Welcome to our 37th season of Tony award winning Broadway blockbusters presented in the beautiful Crocker Theater on the Cabrillo College campus!

On the surface, both Rent and The Producers seem as different as night and day. Rent is a Rock Opera, the natural culmination of the modern trend towards more dramatic themes and popular styles in musical theater starting in the late ‘60s. While Mel Brook’s Producers is as funny, campy and grandiose as any production from the Golden era of Musical Comedies…one is as stark in it’s tragic drama as the other campy, in it’s farcical, silly, irreverence. But both are set in New York. Both won the Tony for Best Musical (1996 and 2001), and each was their author’s first attempt at a Broadway Musical.

A friend and colleague, one of our actors recently wrote me questioning the wisdom of producing these two shows in light of their controversial subject matter and forbidden humor. That these most recent times of extreme divisions in our nation have spawned a new age of hatred and bigotry….where lying, bullying, and name calling have become normal, even acceptable….when we see nationalism raise its ugly and intolerant head, with swastikas on the march outside our homes, places of worship, and in our streets….when LGBT rights are once again under attack, black lives haven’t mattered and enough is enough for sexual harassment in the workplace…..

But I believe there is no better time to take on these uncomfortable topics! ...especially because it will force us to face these divisive issues head-on. It is the artist’s job to expose the trends in our national dialogue and reach far into our national consciousness, so we can begin to laugh at the swastikas and harassment in The Producers and feel the pain of the struggling young artists trying to maintain their Bohemian lifestyle in RENT. Art has the power to exorcise these demons…our stories remind our audiences of their humanity and humility…of our duty to confront and identify the very topics that bother us the most…and make us, as humans, whole again through education, understanding and reaching out.

This summer, we choose to fly in the face of our new social realities with a cynical comic look at the Broadway Producer and a slice of diversity in Bohemian lifestyle! There will be something for all adult tastes and everyone to see and hear, with the live, full orchestras, the magnificent props and sets, the unbelievable technical effects, the outstanding professional casts and crews and all the technical and theatrical lighting and sound resources that the Crocker Theatre and Cabrillo College have to offer!!!

I would like to thank all of the more than 140 artisans, designers, musicians, actors and interns who are this summer’s family and have made this season possible and memorable to all of us. (Standing Ovation!!) And all those at Cabrillo College who work so hard to handle our mere presence on campus! But the support from you, our patrons, is most critical. Purchasing tickets is the most important thing you can do to support Cabrillo Stage.  Buy a subscription. Buy for your friends and family. Buy tickets as gifts for your clients or…who knows….

Thank you for your enduring support of Cabrillo Stage.
See you on Broadway!


Jon Nordgren
Artistic Director

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